Drunk Show: The Day The Laughter Died

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In this episode, we play The Crazy Bitch Text Messages from the show that was eaten two weeks ago, yell at Chris for being a racist and – AND! – the Tournament of Bad!

DS 032112

Drunk Show: Alex Hates Chris

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On this episode: Chris gets rejected, we listen to Paris Hilton’s new spoken word single, plus Jonas drops by while not wearing pants!

DS 022812


The Drunk Show 022312 – White Trash Candy

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In this episode, John, Chris and Kyle discuss Chris Brown vs. CM Punk, “White Trash Candy”, Kyle’s odd joke and “Walking Dead”. You could say we were “talking Dead”, in which case I would have to hit you.

DS 022312

Drunk Show #2 – That first one…it never happened

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Yea, that stream show? Never happened. It wasn’t even up t our shitty standards because of numerous reasons, mainly the podcast being awkward as we fumbled trying to control both. So here’s the show no one (not even us) knew we were going to record. So…uh, Kyle’s alive! I’m just as shocked as you are.

Drunk Show 021612

The Drunk Show Is Back!…Kinda!

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Well we’re back, but not really. You see, Kyle is still dead, and this is our first show in a year and a half, so this show sucks (much like most of our shows). So give us a break, as we have a third chair that doesn’t talk.

By the way, we’ll be streaming LIVE from now one (as well as posting the podcast here) on Ustream, with the channel TheDrunkShowLex. Go check it out, and we’ll be back on next Thursday (2/16) at 9pm Eastern.

Drunk Show 020812

DrunkShow 10/04/10

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Yes, the BRILLIANT idea to actually give our show’s date as the title instead of thinking of something unfunny has finally occured to me. We’re back from five months off, so be gentle. Not our best show, but you take five months off of your job and see how well you perform afterward. In this episode: Easy A, Emma Stone to star in Spider Man, Super Hero Showdown and John being a little bitch.


Back after 20 years off! Episode whatever, phase II

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First off, sorry for the April Fools show: The lesson learned was that we should never do 8balls ever again. In this episode we talk about Gary Coleman, underage girls (Hey Mr. Hansen!) and how Sex And The City 2 is almost as bad as AIDS. Almost.
D SHOW 530


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